Experience in Multiple Primary Battery Chemistries

While some manufacturers offer only one type of primary battery, EaglePicher has experience with numerous primary chemistries. We have provided high capacity battery designs for many applications, including:

EaglePicher’s primary battery designs offer excellent high- and low-rate capability with maximum energy to weight and volume ratios. A wide range of designs is available. These primary batteries or non-recharegable batteries are intended for use in systems requiring energy within 30 days of activation and are not considered rechargeable.

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Thermal primary batteries chiefly serve the defense industry. Our innovative research and development initiatives have further strengthened EaglePicher’s leadership position in this technology. Internally funded projects led to improved cathode formulations, producing superior performance to the industry standard pyrite-based cathode materials.

Further, we developed methodologies to manufacture thin components for thermal battery Systems. Using thin components in place of industry-standard pressed powder pellets enables different form factors, smaller and lighter batteries, and improved design efficiency.


Lithium primary batteries are widely used in diverse applications, including military, consumer and industrial. EaglePicher has many years of experience in manufacturing a wide variety of lithium primary batteries, including lithium carbon fluoride (Li-CFx), lithium manganese dioxide (Li-MnO2), lithium thionyl chloride (Li/SOCl2), and lithium sulfur dioxide (Li/SO2).

Among these primary batteries, Li-CFx has the highest energy density, but suffers from high heat output and voltage dip when discharged at high rate. EaglePicher has successfully developed a high capacity and high rate-capable lithium primary battery using a hybrid cathode made with carbon monofluoride and manganese dioxide. This hybrid cell operates in a wide range of temperature with low heat output, making it a very attractive portable power source for military applications.


In 1951, EaglePicher initiated a program that led to the development of a series of high capacity battery cell designs of various sizes designated as the “A” line of cells. These have since been standardized into cells offering a wide range of capabilities. Each cell size offers low- and high-rate capabilities in primary designs..

Modifications of these designs have been used in practically all space and missile development programs. EaglePicher batteries have supplied nearly all launch and primary storage energy for manned space flights. The silver zinc system is desirable for these applications due to its high energy to weight and volume ratios, and extremely high reliability.

To learn more about EaglePicher’s primary battery technology, reach out to us.

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