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Battery Chemistries

The Broadest Range of Battery Technologies

The Leader in Battery Chemistry Research and Development

EaglePicher is the industry leader in battery chemistry capabilities for new technologies in a variety of mission-critical applications. In fact, we were a leader in the development of lithium-ion — the latest and most advanced battery technology — for the defense, space, aviation and maritime markets. We are delivering tomorrow's battery technologies today.

EaglePicher’s expertise covers more than 30 different battery electrochemistries including but not limited to:

• Aluminum air • Lithium thionyl
• Lead acid • Lithium thionyl chloride
• Lithium air • Nickel cadmium
• Lithium carbon monofluoride • Nickel hydrogen
• Lithium ion • Nickel metal hydride
• Lithium manganese dioxide • Silver aluminum
• Lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide • Silver zinc
• Lithium oxyhalide • Thermal
• Lithium sulfur dioxide • Zinc air

EaglePicher’s history is rich in technological achievements. Our staff engineers, scientists and chemists have backgrounds in materials, metallurgy, physics and chemistry all to support our customers' needs in a variety of industries. Close collaboration with leading research laboratories and independent developers produces optimum solutions for our customers.
Technology innovation is a way of life for EaglePicher, it is built into our DNA. We draw on our heritage of delivering power solutions for the most demanding military and space applications. We learn from our proven history of taking a product from concept to production while meeting rigorous specifications.  And we tap into ideas developed to ensure that the right power is always available—not just for convenience—but when it is a matter of life and death.
Our product development expertise extends to all battery chemistries, and we are expanding our capabilities. We target chemistries that dramatically alter the value proposition for our customers. To deliver greatest value, we identify chemistries that can make our power solutions more powerful, lightweight and compact while ensuring they are safer, stronger and last longer.

With the breadth of chemistries we offer, EaglePicher is the one-stop shop for batteries for all your mission-critical applications. We are dedicated to delivering the most efficient and longest-lasting batteries for our customers’ high-tech uses.

What is the chemistry of a battery?

Batteries are comprised of one or more electrochemical cells that store chemical energy and converts it to electrical energy.  This is known as electrochemistry which is the study of a chemical process that causes electrons to move.

With access to a wide variety of battery chemistries, you can choose the best power solution for your application.

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