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Battery Chemistries

The Broadest Range of Electrochemistries

The Leader in Battery Chemistry

We are an industry leader in capabilities for new technologies. In fact, we were a leader in the development of lithium-ion — the latest and most advanced battery technology — for the defense, space, aviation and medical markets.

EaglePicher’s expertise covers more than 30 battery electrochemistries including:

• Aluminum air • Lithium thionyl
• Lead acid • Lithium thionyl choloride
• Lithium air • Nickel cadmium
• Lithium carbon monofluoride • Nickel hydrogen
• Lithium ion • Nickel metal hydride
• Lithium manganese dioxide • Silver aluminum
• Lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide • Silver zinc
• Lithium oxyhalide • Thermal
• Lithium sulfur dioxide • Zinc air

With the breadth of chemistries we offer, EaglePicher is the one-stop shop for batteries for all your mission-critical applications. We are dedicated to delivering the most efficient and longest-lasting batteries for our customers’ high-tech uses.