Controlling Battery Functions and Communications

With decades of experience and a vast amount of expertise, EaglePicher is an industry leader when it comes to providing customers a battery management solution for even the most demanding applications. We have designed systems for customers in the commercial, space, aviation, military and other markets. Our designs cover the gamut — from low-power systems with low quiescent power draw to high-power megawatt class 1000 volt energy storage systems.

EaglePicher’s electronics provide safe, high-performance solutions for real-world applications. We utilize smart management electronics to enhance the capability and safety of your battery management system. We typically refer to the combination of battery cells with battery management system (BMS) software and protective electronics as a battery system. EaglePicher believes it is better to recommend complete solutions, and that is why we develop the electronics package simultaneously with the design of the rest of your battery system.

A battery management system is the electronics and software that gets “wrapped around” EaglePicher's battery cells. In general, a battery management system can provide insight into the state of a battery and provides information on optimal and safe usage of a battery. The largest contributor to safety events for lithium-ion cells is overcharging; this is why lithium-ion batteries have more complex electronics than other cell chemistries. An effective BMS can improve the safety of lithium-ion cells by decreasing overcharging. Active and passive protection hardware can also be used in conjunction with battery management system to enable optimal performance of the battery.

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