The Highest Levels of Performance and Reliability

EaglePicher offers an extensive portfolio of qualified lithium ion cell types and battery designs that provide unique solutions for customer requirements. The cell and battery designs are high-reliability solutions that can be modified to meet customer-specific requirements without invalidating qualification heritage.

Our experience and performance history provide a reliable platform for lithium ion cell and battery designs — regardless of application needs. EaglePicher continues to invest in the development of materials, technologies and solutions that serve the ever-changing needs of our customers. When it comes to performance and reliability, no one can match EaglePicher.

Our Unique Capabilities

What makes EaglePicher different when it comes to lithium ion cells and batteries?

  • Design flexibility
  • Made-to-order solutions
  • Custom cells and batteries by request
  • Focus on performance and reliability
  • Advance technology research and development

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