Batteries for Future Technologies

EaglePicher is actively involved in the development of batteries and power systems for directed energy weapons programs. Our directed energy weapons battery solutions provide the high-energy density, high power and small form factor that our military customers want. This game-changing technology can be customized for a full range of directed energy weapons applications.

The unique challenges of directed energy weapons require the unique capabilities of EaglePicher. EaglePicher can develop custom solutions utilizing:

  • Custom prismatic based programs
  • High-rate performance cells
  • Commercial off the shelf (COTS) based solutions

EaglePicher’s custom prismatic cell solutions demonstrate unmatched power density by volume and weight, a requirment in directed energy weapons. These domestically produced cells provide better thermal performance, increased duty cycle and increased low temperature performance than COTS solutions. Our prismatic cells allow modular design and scalability.

EaglePicher’s custom high-rate performance prismatic cells are leading the industry. These high-power cells are available in hard cases or pouch cells. They provide high power density greater than 30kW/kg (90kW/l) and high-rate capabilities of 400C for one second pulse or 100C continuous use in a compact size.  

COTS-based solutions allow EaglePicher to leverage lower cost and shorter lead times than traditional new cell development. COTS solutions provide good power density and thermal performance to meet the demanding directed energy weapons requirements.

Besides battery and cell design and manufacturing, EaglePicher can also provide flexible battery management systems. EaglePicher’s battery management systems provide redundant inputs and outputs control, communications, cell balancing and protection. With in-house testing capabilities and rapid prototyping, EaglePicher develops anti-propagation designs.

We have anti-propagation designs with in-house 9310 test capabilities.

EaglePicher is engaged in ongoing efforts to develop different cell technologies, package designs and battery management systems to stay in the forefront of other directed energy weapons applications — and to meet customer’s future requirements. Every applications presents unique challenges and EaglePicher has the unique capabilities to meet those challenges.

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