Batteries for Future Technologies

EaglePicher is actively involved in the development of batteries for directed energy weapons (DEW) programs. Our DEW battery solutions provide the high-energy density, high power and small form factor that our military customers want. This game-changing technology can be customized for the full range of applications.

The unique challenges of DEW require the unique capabilities of EaglePicher. EaglePicher can develop custom solutions utilizing:

  • Commercial off the shelf (COTS) based solutions
  • Custom prismatic based programs
  • High-rate performance cells

Besides battery and cell design and manufacturing, EaglePicher can also provide flexible battery management systems. With in-house testing capabilities, EaglePicher develops anti-propagation designs.

EaglePicher is engaged in ongoing efforts to develop different cell technologies, package designs and battery management systems to stay in the forefront of other DEW applications — and to meet customer’s future requirements.

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