The Best Things Come in Battery Packages

EaglePicher has a long history of providing custom packaging of specialty batteries for our defense, space and aviation customers. We have the expertise to support your application needs through battery packaging. When performance and reliability are paramount, EaglePicher is the company you can depend on to help you succeed.

EaglePicher can create custom cells and batteries fully designed, qualified and produced to meet customers' defined specifications.

Modular Battery Packaging Development

EaglePicher can develop modular batteries utilizing custom or commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) cells. We utilize performance-based cell selection driven by the application need for battery packaging development. These modular designs are scalable and can incorporate battery management system (BMS) architecture to support large systems or arrays. These electronics provide autonomous and commanded cell equalization during the charge portion of the cycle at an individual cell basis.

Hybrid chemistry pouch cells are the ideal form factor for small, expendable (single-use) UAVs. These cells are compact and have flexible packaging options. The prismatic pouch cells' form factor is more efficient that cylindrical cells with a greater net pack energy density and specific energy.

We provide unique battery packaging solutions to meet even the most demanding customer requirements. Regardless of the design complexity, EaglePicher has the expertise to get it done, and done right the first time. If you have specific needs, let EaglePicher design a custom battery packaging system that integrates seamlessly into your product.

With an unlimited choice of battery chemistries, we offer primary (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable) products that meet the most stringent electrical, environmental and dynamic requirements.  

Innovative Designs

We can fit high-performing, reliable solutions into any product footprint. We design custm energy storage solutions from the cell to modules to batteries.  EaglePicher's battery packaging design and development process also includes:

  • Cell characterization testing
  • Life testing
  • Life characterization and modeling
  • Modular designs for scalability
  • Battery management system options
  • Anti-propagation design patterns
  • Rapid development

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