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Advanced Battery Technology


Our Battery Technology Capabilities

Our technological resources and capabilities are unsurpassed in the industry, and encompass all aspects of energy storage solution designs — from material science through power and energy system integration. While EaglePicher offers more than 30 electrochemistries to meet our customers’ energy storage needs, we continue to invest in battery technology advancements to meet future energy storage needs.

Research and Development

EaglePicher has always been focused on technology — it’s our heritage. Our research and development center is equipped with advanced processing equipment, sophisticated characterization tools and modeling capability for in-depth understanding of battery science. Through state-of-the-art research and development facilities, we bring advanced engineering solutions and the latest scientific discoveries directly to customers — in the shortest time.

Our diverse team pioneers innovation for multiple advanced battery technologies on numerous projects. Consisting of over 250 astute scientists and accomplished engineers, our R&D team provides expertise from a broad array of engineering and scientific backgrounds, bringing custom designs and solutions to your most challenging applications.

EaglePicher offers the following skills:

  • Battery and pyrotechnics modeling and design
  • Advanced material synthesis and characterization
  • Advanced processing and manufacturing technology
  • Power integration and management
  • Fundamental electrochemistry

Product Engineering and New Product Development

EaglePicher has a team of 50+ product engineers and a team of approximately 30 product development engineers and skilled technicians. Together, they leverage expertise across a broad array of technical disciplines coupled with hands-on design and production experience in multiple advanced battery technologies to identify and bring to fruition the optimum solution to power your application. Our diverse staff of mechanical, chemical, electrical, manufacturing and industrial engineers stands ready to support your every need — from an initial request for information through assistance with deployment of products in the field.

The product engineering team tailors existing qualified designs to match unique customer applications, and transitions to production the new product designs validated by our product development group. Product engineering also develops and maintains the technical data packages and process control plans that ensure design and process discipline and fidelity for all delivered products. The skill set of the product engineering staff is augmented through interface with the modeling and analysis capabilities of our R&D and new product development teams.

What is the latest technology in batteries?

Development in new battery chemistries and technologies drive power capability. Today, there is extensive work improving battery technology including lithium-ion advancements for ultra-high power, high- energy and high-power lithium ion, rechargeable lithium metal, high-voltage electrolytes for high-energy batteries, advances in hybrid LiCFx/MnO2 cell technology, thermal high-voltage cathodes, and lithium sulfur.

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