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Power Solutions for High-Tech Applications

Integrated Power Solutions

From electrochemistry to cells to batteries to energetic devices to complete power systems, you can trust EaglePicher’s comprehensive energy solutions to deliver power where you want it, when you need it.

EaglePicher has established itself as a world leader in the research, design, development, testing and production of specialized batteries for aviation, defense, maritime, space and commercial industries. EaglePicher batteries have consistently met the most stringent requirements of the Department of Defense, NASA, as well as applications where reliability is the primary option. 

Demands on technology call for smaller products, more energy and increased safety. EaglePicher brings the newest technology innovations, offers custom battery development, and can fully support the customer from concept through final production.

Whether it is EaglePicher’s cutting-edge research on lithium-ion technology or the world’s most used thermal battery technology for military applications, we continue to set new standards. Most importantly, EaglePicher ensures that the right power is always available  —  not just for convenience  —  but when it’s a matter of life and death.

U.S. owned and operated, EaglePicher has been a leader in battery technology for over a century. Our product portfolio consists of a broad array of product lines based on varying battery chemistries relevant to customers in several markets. EaglePicher's research and development programs support multiple government agencies, laboratories and customers. EaglePicher has in-house testing capabilities which provides the ability to validate, qualify and certify products at the highest standards. 

EaglePicher’s focus is on advancing the attributes of our core chemistries to allow us to meet customers' needs in the power source arena. Our building blocks of battery innovation are based on our rich heritage of partnering with our customers, our ability to deliver innovative power solutions, our investment in the right future technology platforms and maintaining the right processes and organization to succeed.

What does high capacity battery mean?

The fundamental measure of capacity is ampere hour (Ah), a measure of the battery’s stored electrochemical energy. The higher a batteries Ah the higher the energy capacity. Delivered capacity is dependent on applied load, operating temperature and cut-off voltage. In general a cell will either be high energy capacity or high power, but not both.

EaglePicher batteries...because today’s advanced technology demands batteries with a future.