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As a leader in the battery industry, EaglePicher has patented a number of diverse technologies that address materials research, processing methods, energetic devices, electronics, predictive algorithms and developments that support our extensive application of cells, batteries and power system solutions. Patents protect many of our existing product lines, the underlying intellectual property and innovations that are of future importance.

During the last 40 years, EaglePicher has been granted over 170 U.S. patents, demonstrating the breadth of our heritage in technical innovation. EaglePicher’s staff of scientists and engineers continues to innovate novel solutions to serve the challenging needs of our customers within the global market.

Recent Patents

Below is a sampling of recent patents highlighting the diversity of our development activities.

US 9,244,132 — Systems and Methods for Determining Battery State-of-Health

US 9,455,447 — Lithium Sulfur Battery and Methods of Preventing Insoluble Solid Lithium Polysulfide Deposition

US 9,455,703 — FET Array Bypass Module

US 9,531,199 — Underwater Charging Station

US 9,548,497 — Layered Composite Current Collector with Plurality of Openings, Methods of Manufacture Thereof, and Articles Including the Same

Licensing Opportunities

Are you interested in pursuing licensing opportunities utilizing our patented technology? We are always open to discussing such collaboration with potential customers or partners.

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