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Battery Chemistries & Technologies for Diverse Industries

Industry Applications

EaglePicher, provides unique battery power solutions for a broad range of applications in mission-critical markets and industries. We focus on applications where power makes the difference between success and failure. 

Battery Systems for Defense

  • 1940 powers first torpedo 
  • Lithium-based thermal battery systems initiate and power missiles and precision-guided munitions
  • Silver-zinc battery systems power missiles, launchers, underwater vehicles and torpedoes
  • Largest supplier of thermal and silver-zinc batteries into missiles and precision-guided munitions
  • Oxyhalide reserve batteries are used in anti-ballistic missile defense
  • Leading provider of high-power energy storage solutions for emerging directed-energy weapons
  • Provides high-tech solutions to support the modernization of the U.S. armed forces
  • Our energetic devices have supported nearly every major defense program since 1965

Battery Systems for Aviation

  • Fully vested in lithium-ion technology for civil and commercial aircraft power
  • Actively involved in safety improvements of lithium-ion battery systems for commercial aviation
  • First-hand experience with RTCA DO-311A aircraft battery safety expectations
  • Pioneered lithium-ion battery system applications in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)
  • Join strike fighter battery development with very high-discharge rates at low temperatures
  • Leader in high-reliability lithium-ion systems
  • Li-CFx hybrid chemistry provides mission enabling capability for small military UAV and loitering munitions

Battery Systems for Space

  • Powers Explorer 1, the first U.S. satellite
  • Lithium-based and silver-zinc battery power systems initiate and power satellites, launch vehicles and space exploration missions
  • Over 600 satellites utilize EaglePicher battery technology
  • Utilizes custom and commercial off-the-shelf cells to develop batteries
  • Supplied batteries for more space missions than any other company
  • First to launch a large prismatic lithium-ion battery into orbit
  • Powered all modern NASA Mars missions including the InSight lander and Perseverance rover

Interested in learning more about our commercial power solutions? Contact EaglePicher, an industry leading battery supplier today. We provide advanced battery power solutions for a variety of high-tech applications.

From electrochemisty to cells to batteries to complete power systems, you can trust EaglePicher’s comprehensive energy solutions to deliver power where you want it, when you need it.

What is battery systems?

Battery systems are complete energy storage systems. A battery system is comprised of cells, module, battery management system for primary and redundant protection and power conversion, system interface and thermal management. Together, these components make up a total power solution. 

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