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Battery Chemistries & Technologies for Diverse Industries

Industry Applications

EaglePicher Technologies, a leading U.S. battery supplier, provides unique battery power solutions for a broad range of applications in many markets and industries.

Battery Systems for Defense

  • Lithium-based thermal battery systems initiate and power missiles and guided munitions.
  • Silver zinc battery systems power missiles, launchers, underwater vehicles and torpedoes.
  • Oxyhalide reserve batteries are used in anti-ballistic missile defense.

Battery Systems for Aviation

  • EaglePicher is fully vested in lithium-ion technology for civil and commercial aircraft power.
  • We are actively involved in safety improvements of lithium-ion battery systems for commercial aviation.

Battery Systems for Space

  • Lithium-based and silver zinc battery power systems initiate and power satellites, launch vehicles and space exploration missions.

Interested in learning more about our commercial power solutions? Contact EaglePicher, an industry leading battery supplier today. We provide advanced battery power solutions for a variety of high-tech applications.

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