Battery Chemistries & Technologies for Diverse Industries

Industry Applications

EaglePicher Technologies provides unique power solutions for a broad range of applications in many markets and industries.

Battery Systems for Defense

  • Lithium-based thermal battery systems initiate and power missiles and guided munitions.
  • Silver zinc battery systems power missiles, launchers, underwater vehicles and torpedoes.
  • Oxyhalide reserve batteries are used in anti-ballistic missile defense.

Battery Systems for Aviation

  • EaglePicher is fully vested in Li-ion technology for civil and commercial aircraft power.
  • We are actively involved in safety improvements of Li-ion battery systems for commercial aviation.

Battery Systems for Space

  • Lithium-based and silver zinc battery systems initiate and power satellites, launch vehicles and space exploration missions.

Battery Systems for Medical Devices

  • EaglePicher manufactures primary and rechargeable Li-ion and LI-CFx implantable battery solutions for cardiac rhythm management, neuromodulation and cochlear implants.

Battery Systems for Oil & Gas

  • We have developed multiple batteries that meet and exceed the challenging environments found in the oil and gas market, including batteries for down-hole, metering and monitoring, emergency lighting, control system backup and AUV/UUV applications.