Taking Care of Aviation Business

We are honored to play a vital role in the research and development of batteries for civil and commercial aircraft. While working for more than a decade on the development of safe lithium ion battery systems for commercial aircraft, EaglePicher engineers have been representing the company on very important standards development committees. EaglePicher is currently under contract with the FAA to develop innovative methodologies to improve the operational safety of Li-ion battery systems for commercial aviation.

Our accomplishments include the development of:

  • A lithium ion battery system for the ingenious HondaJet light business aircraft
  • A 45Ah Li-ion battery system that is currently planned as the baseline system for the new Leonardo Helicopter Model 609 Tilt-Rotor aircraft

Today, we continue to collaborate with major commercial airframe suppliers to develop advanced technology energy storage solutions for the emerging More Electric Aircraft (MEA) initiatives. This movement’s goal is to replace major systems currently utilizing nonelectric power with new electric systems. The ultimate aim is to improve aircraft performance, decrease operating and maintenance costs, reduce weight and fuel consumption, and increase reliability.

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