Bringing Spacecraft Into Our Orbit

For more than 60 years — since the earliest days of the space program — EaglePicher has been involved in this market. Our long-lasting, rechargeable lithium ion batteries efficiently convert the sun’s energy to electricity, keeping satellites orbiting the Earth for years. Our products enjoy a reputation for the highest quality in this market, which accounts for the fact that EaglePicher has logged more than 2.5 billion cell-hours in space!

Lithium Ion Batteries for Space

We design and assemble batteries using large Li-ion cells, which provide higher energy levels and longer cycle life at a lower weight and in smaller volumes than Ni-Cd or Ni-H2 batteries. EaglePicher boasts state-of-the-art Li-ion research and manufacturing facilities, and we have received multiple research grants and contracts for advanced Li-ion development. We were the first to launch the prismatic Li-ion battery into orbit.

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