Large Advanced-Technology Batteries

EaglePicher has a long history in the research, design and manufacture of large, technologically advanced silver aluminum batteries for torpedoes and other underwater applications. In addition to propelling the weapon itself, our batteries power the torpedo’s electrical control and guidance systems. We make silver aluminum batteries in the USA, and they are available in a range of sizes. Very few companies are capable of making batteries for torpedoes, and EaglePicher is among the select few.

As a leading domestic supplier of large silver aluminum batteries, EaglePicher is recognized for our expertise and experience in torpedo battery design. Since the 1950s, we have worked on developing batteries for torpedoes, and today, we offer many designs and platforms, including bipolar designs, single-use and rechargeable batteries, and startup and propulsion batteries.


EaglePicher’s current and next-generation systems of silver aluminum batteries are used for:

  • Electric propulsion for torpedoes
  • Lightweight torpedoes (LWT)
  • Heavyweight torpedoes (HWT)
  • Underwater applications
  • High-power, high-energy applications


Features of our Al-AGO aluminum silver oxide chemistry include:

  • Theoretical energy density of 1,090 Wh/Kg of reactant
  • Practical energy density of 100 - 200 Wh/Kg of system
  • High voltage (1.6 - 1.8+ V)
  • Utilization of a caustic electrolyte
  • Capable of very high rates (800 - 1,600 mA/cm2
  • 98 percent efficiency at 800 mA/cm2

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