High Energy Density in a Small Package

EaglePicher’s lithium thionyl chloride primary cells provide high energy density, 3.6 VDC, in a small package. Our LiSOCl2 are available in a wide range of cell sizes — from ½ AA to D-size cells. We also offer this chemistry in several configurations that are found only at EaglePicher.

LiSOCl2 chemistry provides the following benefits that make EaglePicher cells the right choice for your application:

  • Long shelf life (15+ years)
  • Flat discharge curve
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Custom packaging available


Typical applications for lithium thionyl chloride cells include:

  • Commercial power
  • Electronics
  • Medical devices
  • Measure, monitoring and security uses
  • Wildlife monitoring

Keeper® Batteries

EaglePicher lithium thionyl chloride Keeper® cells and batteries power a wide variety of non-rechargeable applications. Developed for commercial applications after years of extensive high-reliability studies with the military, the cells have been added to the Keeper® commercial line. Each Keeper® chemistry has its own unique benefits and strategic fit in today’s markets. Visit our Where to Buy page for more info.

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