A Leader in CFx-Hybrid Chemistries

EaglePicher’s CFx-hybrid technology is on the cutting edge of primary battery chemistries. Our products offer high specific energy and energy density, while providing very low self-discharge and improved abuse tolerance compared with other lithium chemistries.

In recent years, EaglePicher has achieved technology advancements that allow us to expand the range of cell form factors and user applications while maintaining performance and safety. We offer:

  • CFx and CFx-MnO2 hybrid cells in a variety of cylindrical form factors that are well-suited to portable power, down-hole and electronic applications
  • CFx-MnO2 hybrid pouch cells in various prismatic form factors that are appropriate for aviation and portable power applications
  • A pouch cell form factor that provides optimal packaging efficiency at the battery level, enhancing volumetric energy density vs. cylindrically based battery packs

With more than 40 years of experience with CFx chemistry and over 25 years with MnO2, EaglePicher knows these technologies!

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