EaglePicher is Marching to Power

EaglePicher is the industry leader in the conformal battery market. Whether powering search-and-rescue equipment in the bitter arctic or communications equipment in the sweltering desert, failure is not an option. That is why military leaders rely on EaglePicher’s conformal battery as their portable power solution. It reduces the weight burden on troops and lengthens battery life, meeting the growing demands of portable military technologies — for both today and tomorrow.

EaglePicher was involved from the inception of the U.S. Army program for soldier power, providing power for the dismounted warfighter in the 21st century. As the industry leader of hybrid CFx chemistry, EaglePicher batteries offer safety, reliability and superior performance. We manufacture both versions — the primary, non-rechargeable battery and the secondary, rechargeable product. EaglePicher’s CFx portable batteries are CERDEC tested and approved.

EaglePicher has a long history of supplying power solutions to the military, and we are positioned to be part of that future.

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