A Bundle of Energy

EaglePicher Technologies manufactures large quantities of the finest, most reliable thermal batteries in the world. Our technical and manufacturing expertise allow us to develop new, advanced thermal battery designs that are feasible from a production standpoint. We work closely with each client to ensure that your design is technically sound, able to be produced cost-effectively, and functions well in its intended application.


Thermal batteries offer relatively high energy density vs. volume. They can be stored indefinitely - for up to 20+ years - without performance degradation; they perform without preparation in most external environments; and they begin providing power almost immediately.

A thermal battery consists of a stack of series cells. Each cell consists of a cathode, an electrolyte, an anode and a pyrotechnic thermal energy source. State-of-the-art thermal battery designs utilize the lithium silicon/iron disulfide (LiSi/FeS2) couple, because it offers the following benefits:

  • The highest capacity per unit volume
  • Substantial power density
  • Low, uniform internal impedance while active
  • Adaptability to a broad array of environments

Based on power density and volume requirements, a thermal battery may consist of a single series stack of cells, or two or more parallel stacks of series cells. The cell stacks are thoroughly insulated and placed in a stainless steel container, which is hermetically sealed.


Typical applications for thermal batteries are:

  • Missiles
  • Guidance systems
  • Custom applications


EaglePicher started development work on thermal batteries way back in 1949. In 1974, our company was the first to begin work on large LiAl/FeS (40 KWH) batteries for load leveling and electric vehicle application. By 1976, EaglePicher was the first in the world to adapt this rechargeable system to a primary LiAl/FeS thermal battery, improving thermal battery performance capability.

In 1982, EaglePicher became the first company to produce LiSi/FeS thermal batteries for the U.S. Department of Energy on a production basis, and in 2007, our automated production facility in Pittsburg, KS was brought on-line to increase thermal battery production capability.

For nearly 65 years, EaglePicher has produced high-quality, reliable and cost-effective thermal batteries, producing millions of batteries for a variety of defense markets, qualifying and manufacturing more than 750 unique thermal battery designs. EaglePicher is currently the leading thermal battery supplier for the Department of Defense's missile applications.

We have a rich history of supporting nearly every major ordnance program including, but not limited to, TOW, Patriot, JDAM, Tomahawk, Excalibur, Paveway, Laser Guided Bomb, Hellfire, Javelin, Small Diameter Bomb, Stinger, Maverick, ESSM/Sparrow, Standard Missile 3/6, Sonobuoy and AMRAAM.

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