Military Batteries for Missiles and Munitions

EaglePicher currently has 80 years of defense missile battery experience. We have supplied batteries and energetic devices to hundreds of defense programs, including Paveway, Trident, Harpoon JDAM, TOW, Tomahawk, Patriot, Hellfire, THAAD and Standard Missiles. 

What is a missile battery? EaglePicher products meet the demands of missiles and munitions:

  • Extended range fires - with longer run-time thermal batteries, miniaturization and weight reduction
  • Ballistic survivability - with high G-rate capable battery
  • Environmental robustness - with cold temperature operation and 20-year shelf life

EaglePicher military battery chemistries and products used to power missiles and munitions include:


Military thermal batteries are ideal for military applications that require a long, maintenance-free shelf life in a full range of temperatures, climates and dynamic environments.

EaglePicher provides:

  • High-volume production capability
  • Automated production
  • 20-year or longer storage life, no maintenance required


EaglePicher silver-zinc battery cells provide power for missile guidance control, telemetry, tracking, flight termination and actuator systems. The silver-zinc system is desirable for these applications due to its high energy to weight and volume ratios, and extremely high reliability.

EaglePicher silver-zinc battery benefits include:

  • Safety
  • High-energy density
  • Flexible configurations
  • Numerous qualified designs
  • Long-active life
  • Remotely activated
  • Quick rise times
  • Long-shelf life


EaglePicher’s energetic devices have supported nearly every major defense program since 1965. Energetic devices transform energy to get the job done, where it is needed and when it is needed.
EaglePicher manufactures a wide variety of pyrotechnic devices including igniters, gas generators, cutters, pyrotechnic switches and forward or reverse motion actuators.
EaglePicher energetic device applications:

  • Missiles
  • Ordnance
  • Cartridge- and propellant-actuated devices (CAD/PAD)

EaglePicher can design and manufacture customized explosive and pyrotechnic devices or modify existing designs to meet your requirements.

What batteries do the military use?

Lithium silicon/iron disulfide (LiSi/FeS2) also known as thermal batteries are the most widely used military batteries used in missiles and munition systems. Thermal batteries provide extreme high-energy density in a low volume and can be store up to 20 years making them idea for these weapons systems.

For more information about EaglePicher’s military grade battery technology, contact our team of missile battery experts.

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