Sodium Nickel-Chloride

Widespread penetration of renewable energy and increasing demands on reliability/security of the electrical grid require extensive advances in energy storage technologies that are modular and scalable (kW-MW). EaglePicher Technologies, Inc. (EPT), a leading battery developer, is teaming with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), a world leader in research and development in solid state electrochemistry and energy conversion technologies. The new generation Na-beta batteries will be developed utilizing EPT’s formidable expertise in systems design and manufacture, and PNNL’s extensive capability and experience in the development of planar solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The program will leverage the experience from both the successful demonstration of a planar design cell.


Critical Need

Our national electric grid needs to significantly improve its capacity for storing electricity. The grid regularly generates surplus electricity to ensure that demand can constantly be met. This surplus of electricity is wasted because the grid has little capacity to store it. While current practices serve to keep the lights on, renewable energy sources are disadvantaged because they only provide electricity when weather conditions are optimal. Flexible, large-scale batteries would create a stronger and more reliable storage network for the electric grid and enable renewable energy sources to contribute to baseload power generation.



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