Energetic Devices

EaglePicher’s energetic devices have supported nearly every major defense program since 1965. Our various energetic device products have emerged from EaglePicher Technologies’ long-standing specialty battery business. Since its introduction to the industry in 1922, EaglePicher Technologies has become the most diversified battery manufacturer in the world. When you demand the highest quality and most reliable energetic devices, EaglePicher is the only name you need to know.


EaglePicher manufactures a wide variety of pyrotechnic devices including igniters, gas generators, cutters, pyrotechnic switches, and forward or reverse motion actuators. Other specialty devices include infrared emitters, inertial set-back igniters and integrated assemblies. Many devices are available with built-in time delay and one-amp/one-watt firing characteristics. Variations also include size, power, input requirements, environmental resistance, material composition, and configuration.


In addition to our mentioned products, EaglePicher can design and manufacture customized explosive and pyrotechnic devices or modify existing designs to meet customer requirements.



These devices transform pyrotechnic energy into motion to perform work against an external load. Bellows actuators produce linear or rotary motion with a relatively long stroke. When actuated, the bellows expands following any straight or curved path established by surrounding surfaces, and will retain its extended position under load. Applications include rotating a shaft, pushing a mechanical load, disconnecting a plug, adjusting a camera, or arming a projectile.

Piston actuators produce a pushing linear motion. They are available in micro miniature, miniature, and large sizes with a variety of stroke lengths. Applications include: puncturing a container, uncasing a gyroscope, indicating the presence of unwanted electrical impulses, firing a primer or stab detonator, or arming a projectile.

Dimple Actuators

These devices produce a short linear motion by inverting a dimpled cup. They hold their position under load. Applications include operating a switch, latch or relay, pushing a mechanical load, arming a projectile, and locking, unlocking, or releasing.

Retractable actuators produce a pulling or withdrawing type of linear motion. When actuated, a piston partially retracts into the casing and locks into place. Applications include: pulling mechanical loads, locking, unlocking or releasing, and operating a switch, latch, or relay.


The devices use pyrotechnic generated energy to power a wide variety of cutting mechanisms. Applications include: severing control or communication wires, cutting tubing to release coolant, puncturing diaphragms, rupturing gas bottle burst disks, severing mooring cables, cutting reefing lines, and breaking glass vials to release chemicals.

Gas Generators

These devices use a precisely controlled chemical reaction to produce a specified volume of gas. The resulting gas pressure is used to do mechanical work. Applications include: displacing a liquid, pressurizing a container, operating a cartridge actuated device (CAD), inflating air bags, actuating expelling bladders and other ejection devices, and dispensing powder from a corked vial.


These devices use a precisely controlled pyrotechnic reaction to produce a specified output of gas, flame, or hot particles. Applications include: igniting safety fuses, propellants or heat powders, thermal batteries, metal oxidant mixes, and other deflagrating materials.


These small, lightweight devices use pyrotechnic generated gas pressure to open or close one or more electrical circuits instantaneously, or with delays of up to six seconds. Each switch is hermetically sealed, preventing any leakage of pyrotechnic reaction products. Applications include: emergency power cut off, delay arming of fuses, sequencing a series of events from a single initiation, aborting ignition or detonation, or triggering an alarm.

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