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Welcome to EaglePicher in Joplin

Joplin, Missouri has been the heart of EaglePicher Technologies since the company began mining in 1874. Materials development led to the application of our germanium into Bell Labs’ first transistor in 1947, and subsequent research into electrochemistries continues to serve the defense, space, aviation and medical markets to this day. During the 1950s and through the 1970s, the Joplin site manufactured batteries for the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space missions.

Joplin Today

Joplin is the main manufacturing center for reserve, primary and secondary cells and batteries. In 2014, we built our Lithium Ion Center of Excellence — a new, 101,000 sq. ft. facility following the award of the U.S. Government Title III program to support domestic production of Lithium Ion for Military Applications (LIMA).

Where We Work

Joplin and its surrounding communities host four EaglePicher manufacturing sites and a separate Research & Development facility.

Seneca, MO

  • Energetic devices

C-Street, Joplin, MO

  • Reserve and active batteries
  • Primary cells
  • Analytical labs
  • Material processing
  • Environmental testing

Crossroads, Joplin, MO

  • Primary cells
  • Secondary cells
  • Material processing
  • Packaged batteries
  • Power systems

Pittsburg, KS

  • Reserve batteries

R&D, Joplin, MO

  • Materials research
  • Primary and secondary cell development
  • Systems integration
  • Prototyping
  • Environmental testing

A MOCAP Partner

EaglePicher Technologies is a partner with the Missouri Center for Advanced Power (MOCAP), a 501 (c)(3) corporation. MOCAP is a cooperative venture between academia and industry to develop specialized curricula and pursue research in advanced power technologies. Membership presently includes: Missouri Southern State University, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Missouri State University, University of Missouri - Columbia, EaglePicher Technologies, NorthStar Battery, Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Joseph Newman Innovation Center.

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