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East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Welcome to East Greenwich, Rhode Island

In 2014, EaglePicher acquired Yardney Technical Products located in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Yardney was a perfect fit for the EaglePicher family, since they are a technology-driven corporation focused on specialty battery technologies for research and product development in high-performance markets. Since 1944, Yardney had distinguished itself in the design, development and manufacture of specialty battery technologies for aerospace, the Department of Defense, and industrial/commercial applications.

Specialty battery technologies at this East Greenwich location include silver zinc, silver cadmium, nickel hydrogen and magnesium silver chloride batteries, as well as lithium-ion cells and batteries. This groups’ strategy is to serve government and commercial high-technology markets with a custom-fit, high-quality design that is capable of withstanding demanding load profiles in a wide variety of environments.

What We Do

East Greenwich is a leader in the advancement of high-power, high-energy rechargeable cell and battery designs. Our research and development capabilities allow us to continually push the boundaries of performance and safety in our quest for improvement. This location is home to numerous engineers and scientists who maintain close collaborations with research universities and startup companies in the “Northeast Battery Technology Corridor,” which also includes Navy research and government technology centers. We contribute our expertise in mission-enabling new products for defense, aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles, space and directed energy weapons applications.

This location also houses a 20,000 square foot state-of-the-art laboratory and a dedicated research and development team. This team leverages our defense experts in lithium-ion and aqueous systems to develop primary and secondary battery chemistries.

Our Capabilities

EaglePicher’s East Greenwich location primarily focuses on lithium ion and silver zinc technology. They provide agile, rapid prototyping and proven turnkey solutions for lithium-ion battery management, pack integration, safety, and power conversion technology. Our highly complementary technologies are used across EaglePicher's broad suite of existing products, providing additional capabilities and customer value add.

Lithium Ion

Since 1995, we have developed own lithium-ion chemistry. Under contracts with the Department of Defense, NASA, other government agencies and major defense contractors, this team has designed, developed and delivered lithium-ion batteries for such notable aviation programs as the B-2 Stealth Bomber, and Global Hawk and Triton unmanned aircraft system.  The supported space programs include the NASA Mars lander missions Phoenix and InSight as well as the Mars explorer rovers Spirit, Opportunity, Curiosity, and the recently launched Perseverance. Recent developments include high-power designs for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and directed energy weapons.

Silver Zinc

East Greenwich has supplied the U.S. military with technologically advanced battery systems since 1944. With an outstanding record of safety and typical cell level specific energies of greater than 185 Wh/kg and energy densities greater than 700 Wh/L, our silver zinc batteries offer a unique weight and volume solution to many aerospace requirements.

Cell and Battery Designs and Analysis

Capabilities in this sphere include design for manufacturing and automation, safety enhancements, and materials evaluation and development.

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