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EaglePicher Announces Award for IARPA RESILIENCE Program for Advanced, Innovative Battery Technology Development

New strategic partnership accelerates high-energy density battery solutions.
St. Louis, MO – EaglePicher® Technologies, a leading innovator of battery power and energy storage systems for defense and aerospace announced today that the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) has awarded their team a contract award for innovative battery technology development.

The strategic partnership includes Conamix, a venture-backed battery materials, early stage development company based in Ithaca, NY, Ionic Materials, Inc. an innovator in solid state electrolyte materials based in Woburn, MA and EaglePicher. 

The multi-year award is part of IARPA’s Robust Energy Sources for Intelligence Logistics in Extreme Novel and Challenging Environments (RESILIENCE) program. The team, led by Conamix, will develop advanced high-energy density, long calendar life, sulfur-based batteries.

EaglePicher will design, model, and optimize the electrochemical cells and integrate them into a full battery system utilizing advanced manufacturing capabilities. Conamix will develop a new, nanostructured sulfur metal sulfide (SMS) hybrid cathode system, and Ionic Materials will incorporate its advanced protected lithium-metal anode (PLA) technology into the cell electrochemistry.

The resulting impact will be batteries with extended shelf life, superior energy density, superb low-temperature performance, and high-power pulse capabilities. These key technological features will be extensively used in mission-critical aerospace and defense batteries as well as the commercial vehicle market. 

“EaglePicher will utilize our existing and extensive R&D capabilities and production facilities which have established, mature quality systems and ISO certified manufacturing for cell and battery production,” commented George Cintra, EaglePicher’s Chief Technology Officer. “This partnership and the IARPA award allows us to incorporate Conamix’s hybrid cathode and Ionic Materials solid-state electrolytes into full scale, mature product demonstrators.” 


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