Lithium Carbon Monofluoride (Li-CFx) 

EaglePicher applies its energy expertise to the advancement of Lithium Carbon Monofluoride—the latest in primary battery technology. The Company has invested in a manufacturing center that utilizes the most advanced equipment and innovative processes to bring Li-CFx technology to the market. 

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We recently introduced the most advanced Li-CFx battery technology for portable power applications. The first two batteries, EP-XX90 and EP-X590 are for portable military communications equipment, specifically SINCGARS, as an alternative to BA-5590, BA-5390, and BB-2590. Additional configurations will be introduced for other military and industrial applications.


Batteries using Li-CFx are unpressurized systems and are considered very stable compared to other lithium-based structures. The EP-XX90 and EP-X590 have been tested against the Army’s Mil-0PRF-49471B battery specifications and have passed UN Transportation testing. EaglePicher is committed to meeting the increasing energy demands for Soldier portable power.

Weight Capacity
Specific Energy
LC 3155  75.2 g 12.7 Ah 
 420 Wh/kg
LCF-129  85 g 16 Ah 
471 Wh/kg 
LCF-133 81 g 16 Ah
514 Wh/kg
LCF-X590 0.5 kg 13 Ah
350 Wh/kg
LCF XX90-3

1160 g  30V Mode 15V Mode 30V Mode  15V Mode 350 Wh/kg* 
16 Ah 32 Ah 26 13
5S2P  1.0 kg 32 Ah 
528 Wh/kg 
10S1P 1.0 kg 16 Ah 
528 Wh/kg 


  • State-of-the-art research/development and manufacturing facilities
  • Multiple research contracts for advanced Li-CFx development


  • C4ISR
  • Automated manufacturing equipment
  • Optimized process design for Lean manufacturing and Just-In-Time product management
  • Advanced manufacturing process control systems for real-time data collection management
  • Dedicated air handling systems to avoid cross contaminations
  • Paperless tracking of all cell, battery build and performance data
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