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    Welcome to EaglePicher Technologies

    EaglePicher Technologies is an industry leader in integrated power solutions. The Eagle brand has a rich history dating back to 1843. In the span of 169 years, we have innovated and customized solutions for a multitude of government, aerospace, commercial, and medical customers. Our research and development capabilities are unsurpassed. With a team of 160 astute scientists and accomplished engineers, combined with our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, EaglePicher is innovating energy storage solutions to bring our customers such products as Contego 325, Embraer, Carefree®, Keeper®, and PowerPyramid Whatever your power needs are, you can look to the experts at EaglePicher for the solution!


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          EaglePicher™ Silver Zinc



          Since the beginning of the Space Age, EaglePicher Silver Zinc batteries have been trusted to power historical NASA launches including Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Skylab. Today, with more than 50 years of Silver Zinc battery production under its belt – and more than 200 battery designs – EaglePicher continues to product highly reliable complex systems for the missile and aerospace industries.


          From design to delivery, EaglePicher ensures each Silver Zinc battery meets stringent requirements:

          • High energy desity
          • Flexible configuration
          • Numerous qualified designs
          • Long shelf life and activated life
          • Excellent voltage regulation
          • Proven safety and reliability


          EaglePicher’s Silver Zinc batteries have been used in products ranging from long-life service applications to manned space flights, powering a wide variety of on board systems including:

          • Flight termination
          • Telemetry
          • Guidance control
          • Tracking
          • Electronics

          EaglePIcher’s custom batteries included both primary (non-rechargeable) and secondary (rechargeable) products to meet customer requirements. The information below outlines typical operating characterstics, but modifications to the cell parameters can be made to optimize any characteristic desired including cycle life, calendar life and discharge current.


          AgO + Zn à Ag _ ZnO

          Theoretical Energy Density: 300 Wh/Kg

          Open Circuit Voltage: 1.6 to 1.85 volts

          Sizes: 0.8 to 850 Ah


          Positive Plates:   Sintered silver or silver oxide on highly conductive grid mesh. Electro formation controlled to 80-90% for dry charge units.

          Negative Plates:   Electroformed zinc, charged to limit oxide formation or zinc oxide pasted on highly conductive grid mesh.

          Separators: Absorbent and multiple semi-permeable membranes.

          Plate, Tab and Terminals: Fusion welded or soldered, depending on design. Pure silver lead wires.

          Connectors: Standard or custom to user’s requirements.

          Plate Construction: Developed for optimum recycling. High surge power and rugged operation.

          Cell Cases: Low pressure v

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      EaglePicher Technologies (EPT) is a solutions provider that offers aircraft batteries in multiple Lithium-ion chemistries.  With a rich history in aircraft battery manufacturing and expertise in complete system design (from cell manufacturing, electronics and software design, battery system integration and functional testing all available in-house), EPT is committed to providing the highest quality batteries on the market. We have engineering expertise in cell design and manufacturing, battery packaging, on-board electronics, battery management designs and acceptance testing; all of which are used to ensure delivery of superior quality products.

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      Since its introduction to the industry in 1942, EaglePicher Technologies has become the most diversified battery manufacturer in the world. The company has become a leading supplier of batteries for missiles, submunitions, mines, sonobuoys, fuzes and aerospace power backup. Additionally, EaglePicher Technologies is a major supplier of energetic devices and pyrotechnic components for military and commercial applications. Producing more than 25 different electrochemical systems, as well as energetic devices, flares, battery packs, electronics and subassemblies, EaglePicher Technologies supplies in excess of 1,000 different part numbers to 250 military and commercial customers. Through continued investments in facilities, equipment and technology upgrades and research, EaglePicher Technologies is positioned to continue as a world leader in aerospace battery design and manufacturing.

      Quick Response, High Quality

      The special capabilities of engineers, electrochemists, and hardware assembly technicians are brought together as a team dedicated to producing all forms of custom batteries and electronic assemblies for the most demanding requirements.

      EaglePicher Technologies vertical and horizontal manufacturing integration allows us to produce complete systems with an average of 90% of the materials and components produced by EaglePicher Technologies. This results in stricter quality control and more on-time deliveries. In order to ensure the highest quality standards for all items manufactured, EaglePicher Technologies Defense group is both AS9100B certified and ISO 9001:2000 certified. Through our continued improvements, the Defense Department has initiated several Six Sigma projects have been initiated as well.

      EaglePicher Technologies is committed to innovative leadership through teaming with National Labs, universities and third-party developers.  The company can provide the know-how to meet the customer's most exacting design requirements.

      No Other Battery Manufacturer Can Match Our Creative Engineering, Modern Manufacturing Facilities and Successful Production Heritage.


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      Commercial Power Solutions

      EaglePicher Technologies Commercial Power Solutions offers the unique advantage of having the richest history of battery development and packaging in the industry. EaglePicher Technologies has led the world in Space and Defense power storage applications. This knowledge, experience and leadership are now available for commercial applications as well.

      EaglePicher Technologies Commercial Power Solutions offers Carefree® and Keeper®II batteries in addition to the ability to customize the packaging of virtually any battery chemistry to meet your special needs. We are constantly evaluating the latest advances in power solutions to offer our customers the optimum blend of new and proven technologies.

       EaglePicher’s Carefree and Keeper product lines support business, industrial, Medical and recreational industries. Applications include:

      • Carefree ride on toys, fire panels, emergency lights, UPS systems, wheel chairs, golf carts.
      • Keeper medical devices, GPS systems, milirary electronics, automotive, remote monitoring, oceanographic buoys, deep hole drilling, asset tracking


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        The success of any professional comes from staying on the cutting-edge of the industy through knowledge and research. Here at EaglePicher, we continually push the boundaries of battery technology as evident in the number of papers, articles, and presentations published by our technical staff. Below is a selection of some of our recent publications.

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