Marine Signals & Guidance

EaglePicher manufactures a wide range of power solutions suitable for marine applications.  Our cells and batteries offer outstanding energy density, wide range of operating temperatures, and low weight.  And all our batteries share the EaglePicher hallmark reliability, longevity, and durability. 

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In demanding emergency situations, back-up power can often mean the difference between life and death.

Whether it’s a power source for a navigational system or emergency signals, EaglePicher has a battery solution you can depend on.

Applications must be able to perform their lifesaving work at a moment’s notice, frequently in harsh climactic conditions, and often after long periods of disuse for applications including:

  • Distress beacons on ships and boats
  • Life jackets and rafts, which often utilize batteries to power lights, flashlights, or SAR (Search and Rescue) devices
  • Back-up lighting for vessels that require standby power in the event of main power failures.

When failure is not an option!

Providing Power When the Need Is Crucial
EaglePicher batteries are a natural choice for the high-demand requirements of navigational aid systems. These systems—whether in onshore or remote locations—are dependent on battery back-up power when the main power supply fails. Data acquisition systems that are moored offshore provide real-time monitoring and forecasting of marine and meteorological conditions. Navigational buoys seen in waterways often rely on a combination of solar power with battery back-up.  EaglePicher’s sealed lead acid and lithium chemistries are the ideal choice for navigational applications. 

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