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Electricity has enabled the development of numerous systems that provide safety and convenience in our daily lives: systems on which we have come to depend. The challenge is keeping these vital systems functioning during times when electricity is not available. At times like these, batteries play a crucial role in our safety, comfort, and convenience.

Batteries provide critical power to many of the ‘invisible’ systems that keep us safe and comfortable. Some systems use battery power only as backup, while other systems operate on battery power to provide portability and convenience. For your portable power needs, EaglePicher’s convenient PortaPac™ allows you to carry your power source with you. Whether it’s powering a lantern in the woods or a TV at the beach, the EaglePicher PortaPac™ will give you hours of cord-free use, anywhere you want to go.

All these applications require specialized electronic equipment that is powered by EaglePicher batteries. Our batteries power specialized systems from HAZMAT suits to the robotics used to keep bomb squads safe, such as:                        

  • Robotics
  • HAZMAT suits
  • Electronic rangefinders
  • Automated decoys
  • Hobby avionics

Power When You Need It,
Where You Need It

EaglePicher batteries are available in a wide range of chemistries and sizes to meet the needs of a variety of standard applications, including:

  • Security systems
  • Inventory management systems
  • Transportation systems
  • Measuring and monitoring systems
  • Power tools

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These specialty systems are designed by our Custom Battery Packaging Group and are custom-tailored to precisely meet your high reliability criteria and unique and specialized needs.

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