Ground Vehicles

For over sixty-five years, EaglePicher has been developing durable batteries for military applications that are able to provide reliable power, designed to withstand some of the harshest conditions on earth and beyond. In fact, our products are not only used on the battlefield, but were used in the Lunar Rover during Apollo missions with NASA and today our battery designs are currently providing power to systems operating on the surface of Mars.

As the standard form of motorized transportation in the military today, Ground Vehicles (GV) are not only reliant on batteries for a startup energy initiator but have evolved to become an independent power source for multiple modes of vehicle designs within both the defense and research markets.  Our scientists and engineers are continuously designing and upgrading specialized battery packages for military and science related research vehicles.

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GV applications within the Department of Defense have expanded to multiple weapon systems and platforms that will be operational within multiple theaters of operation. Whether relating to ground robotics, tactical vehicles, heavy armor, or interplanetary exploration vehicles, we are committed to providing you with energy solutions designed to meet your power, voltage, and environmental requirements. Our engineering team is dedicated to customizing an electro-chemical solution that is perfect for your customized application. Our high standards allow us to always advance towards tomorrow’s new technologies today.

Our Ground Vehicle Capabilities

  • Military Robotics
  • Commercial Robotics
  • Tactical Armored Vehicles
  • Interplanetary Exploration
  • Heavy Armored Vehicles
  • Heavy Expanded Mobility Technical Truck (HEMTT)
Our high standards allow us to
advance toward tomorrow’s new
technologies today!


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