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Research & Development

EaglePicher has always been focused on technology – it’s our heritage. EaglePicher’s research and development center is equipped with advanced processing equipment, sophisticated characterization tools and modeling capability for in-depth understanding of battery science. Through state-of-the-art research and development facilities, we bring advanced engineering solutions and the latest scientific discoveries directly to customers – in the shortest time.

Our Research and Development team is changing the way we power the world!

Our Diverse Team

Our diverse team pioneers innovation for multiple chemistries on numerous projects. Consisting of over 250 astute scientists and accomplished engineers, our R&D team offers us their expertise from a broad array of backgrounds to bring custom designs and solutions to your most challenging applications. 

Engineering backgrounds:
Mechanical, Chemical, Ceramic, Electrical, Aerospace, Structural, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

Scientific backgrounds:
Materials, metallurgy, physics, chemistry (electrochemistry, organic, polymer, analytical, physical, surface)

Offering skills in:

  • Battery and pyrotechnics modeling and design
  • Advanced material synthesis and characterization
  • Advanced Processing and Manufacturing Technology
  • Power integration and management
  • Fundamental electrochemistry
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