Li-CFx Technology

EaglePicher has made significant advancements with its Li/CFx technology over the last several years. Li/CFx has a very high energy density, with specific energy nearly 2X that of Li/SO2 batteries such as those used in primary portable power applications for the military. EaglePicher had demonstrated this by producing a direct replacement for the BA-5590 military battery with a Li/CFx battery that is twice the capacity and half the weight. While Li/CFx itself is not a new technology, EaglePicher has pioneered the introduction of a web-coated thin film CFx cathode greatly improving the rate capability which has traditionally been a limitation of this chemistry. EaglePicher is also the first manufacturer to introduce this chemistry in an aluminum cell container which further drives down weight and improves the specific energy by more than 100 Wh/kg. In addition to the significant advances in Li/CFx, EaglePicher has developed a Li/CFx-MnO2 Hybrid chemistry further improving rate capability, reducing material costs, and improving low temperature voltage.

Based on the many new opportunities these advances in Li/CFx bring, EaglePicher is making a sizeable investment in equipment to drive down cost and increase throughput capability for this product line. This new production line will be located at EPT’s Pittsburg, Ks facility, and is scheduled to come online at the end of 2012. This will be a highly flexible manufacturing line with the ability to produce a range of cylindrical cell sizes from 1/2AA to DD.


Manufacturing Li/Ion Pouch Cells

EaglePicher has added pouch cell design and manufacturing capability as a core competency in order to provide customers this option over traditional hard case cells. Through an investment in state-of-the -art pouch cell equipment at its lithium ion facility, EPT can produce a high quality pouch cell in a wide of range of chemistries, from 5 – 100 Ah in capacity. This equipment capability, combined with existing lithium ion expertise, enables EPT to provide both off-the-shelf and custom cell designs for a variety of applications.


Pouch forming machine


Pouch sealing machine

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