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EaglePicher Medical Power Positions the Company for Growth in the Vancouver Area

Vancouver, BC, February 6, 2019 - EaglePicher Medical Power, a leading provider of battery power solutions, announces plans to expand production and add personnel to its manufacturing facility in Vancouver, British Columbia.

EaglePicher plans to expand the local engineering and manufacturing base over the next 18 months to support this growth. This expansion will greatly increase production in the 61,000 square foot facility.

EaglePicher’s Vancouver facility has been producing battery power solutions to meet the demands of the medical implantable industry for nearly two decades. EaglePicher’s medical products have grown extensively to include battery solutions for implantable pacemakers, cardiac monitors, neuromodulators and cochlear devices. The company has decided to relocate all medical battery manufacturing to the Vancouver facility to better serve customers and leverage existing resources.

“The decision to consolidate our medical battery production under one roof, provides us the opportunity to better support our customers in the demanding medical industry,” said Gordon Walker, chief executive officer at EaglePicher. “This relocation project will allow us to leverage the successful history of production in the Vancouver facility.”
The Vancouver facility, acquired by EaglePicher in 2000, has a long history of battery development for the medical industry. The first human implantable lithium-ion battery and the industry’s smallest implantable medical battery were developed and manufactured in the facility. The facility currently produces lithium-ion batteries. The relocation will expand lithium carbon monofluoride (LiCFx) battery production to the ISO 13485 certified facility.
EaglePicher will be hiring team members in the Vancouver area to support this expansion. Career opportunities will be posted on the EaglePicher website.

About EaglePicher Technologies
EaglePicher Technologies, designs, develops and produces mission-critical power solutions. EaglePicher is an industry leading producer of batteries, battery management systems and energetic device. For over 75 years, the company has served highly demanding requirements for defense, aerospace, aviation and medical battery applications. As the leading provider of thermal battery systems, to the Department of Defense, EaglePicher supplies power to the majority of the U.S. military’s missile and precision guided munitions systems. EaglePicher’s space heritage dates to the earliest days of the U.S. space program, from the first satellite to the Mars rovers. The company has provided lithium-ion batteries to military aircraft and high altitude unmanned aerial vehicles. EaglePicher also developed the first human-implantable lithium-ion battery. The company has nine North American manufacturing and research and development sites and over 900 employees. For more information, please visit

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