Medical Device Batteries Empowering Life

The EaglePicher medical battery line has grown extensively to include off-the-shelf primary and rechargeable batteries as well as proprietary customizable battery solutions for implantable cardiac rhythm management (CRM), neuromodulation, and cochlear medical devices. We offer one of the broadest ranges of electrochemistries available for implantable battery device applications, including lithium ion (Li-ion), lithium carbon monofluoride (CFx) and lithium thionyl chloride (Li/SOCI2) in a variety of sizes, shapes and energy densities — and at competitive prices.

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Our range of high-performance batteries are enhanced by the importance we place on establishing a collaborative technical relationship with our clients — ensuring that battery specifications are finely tuned to each customer’s application. We customize implantable battery solutions to your unique medical device needs, and we provide the technical resources to support development during every stage of the life cycle, from concept to commercialization while ramping into manufacturing volumes.

With decades of operational, manufacturing and R&D expertise, EaglePicher Medical Power, LLC creates safe, long-lasting and reliable power sources to meet the specific medical battery requirements for even your most advanced, compact and innovative Cardiac Rhythm Management, Neuromodulation and Cochlear devices.

Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM)

EaglePicher provides batteries for medical devices that help patients with heart disorders. Whether you need batteries for pacemakers, defibrillators, implantable monitors, pumps, resynchronization therapy devices or any other implantable cardiac product, we can help you with design, development and manufacture.

Neuromodulation Devices

The neuromodulation market is growing with emerging therapy applications. Count on EaglePicher to meet the battery needs of your implantable neuromodulation device whether it’s an off the shelf cell to take you into the market faster or a custom cell to fit your unique device requirements. As always, we manufacture batteries to the highest quality standards, delivering power to your device safely and dependably. Our cells are in an array of FDA and CE approved medical devices with various applications such as pain management and cochlear.

Superior Quality and Reliability

EaglePicher Medical is 100% committed to the safety of patients. ZERO defects is our absolute quality mission on implantable cells! We build safety and reliability into every critically medical device battery we manufacture — because we know that lives depend upon the power source for these devices. EaglePicher Medical Power, LLC is one of the top global suppliers of implantable-grade batteries. EaglePicher is ISO 13485 certified. EaglePicher is an industry leader of this market’s implantable power sources for medical devices.

A History of Excellence in Cutting-Edge Medical Technology

A leader in battery development and manufacturing, EaglePicher is one of the most diversified battery manufacturers in the world. When it comes to medical uses, we focus on mission-critical, life-sustaining applications. EaglePicher has been active in powering medical devices for top global medical device customers for over 25 years. During that time, we have produced hundreds of thousands of implantable batteries using the most advanced manufacturing capabilities in our new, state-of-the-art lithium ion facility in Joplin, MO. Interested in working with us to create a battery for your medical device?

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