Technical Capabilities

Engineering and Technology groups currently contain about 165 staff members located in Joplin, Vancouver and Plano.

Engineering Background

Mechanical, Chemical, Ceramic, Electrical, Aerospace, Structural, Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering.


Scientific background

Materials, metallurgy, physics, chemistry (electrochemistry, organic, polymer, analytical, physical, surface).

Chemistry and Materials

Electrochemical System Design


  • Battery modeling and design
  • Advanced material synthesis and characterization
  • Advanced Processing and Manufacturing Technology
  • Power integration and management
  • Fundamental electrochemistry


Mechanical and System Capabilities

  • Mechanical: ANSYS Modeling, Metallurgy Lab, Dynamic Environmental Test Lab, Discrete Solver for Dynamic modeling
  • Thermal: ANSYS Modeling, Thermal Imaging, Cell Reaction Calorimetry, Self Discharge Microcalorimetry
  • High Velocity Fluid Flow: Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling, High Speed Imaging
  • Cell Design: Custom cell designs to support battery development
  • Battery Design: >1,000 different batteries developed for specific customer requirements
  • Systems Design: Complex energy storage systems, batteries + monitoring + management/control
  • Validation/Qualification: Electrical, environmental, dynamic, safety test & evaluation

Electronics Capabilities

  • Turnkey solutions
  • Reliability analysis
  • WCPA and FMECA
  • Hardware design and analysis
  • Software design and analysis
  • Embedded control expertise
  • Analog / Digital mixed signal design
  • DC Power conversion
  • Circuit Board design and analysis
    • System testing and qualification
    • High quality configuration control, traceability and process management
    • High MTBF designs

Application Engineering Capabilities

  • System integration
  • Power system analysis and characterization
  • Energetic System analysis and characterization



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