Secondary Battery

Research and Development

Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium ion battery technology is at the forefront of public awareness. Recent issues regarding overheating, venting and fires have been reported in recent years for numerous manufacturers.

EaglePicher has placed safety as the prime aim of R&D efforts. This takes form through research into non-flammable electrolytes, as well as investigations into overcharge and overdischarge protection, ensuring that EPT’s Li-ion batteries will not only meet all performance requirements but also all safety requirements.

non-flamable electrolytes-1 non-flamable electrolytes-2
Beyond safety concerns, Li-ion research has investigated the incorporation of nanomaterials into the active components to improve performance and cycle life. Li-ion R&D activities have been funded internally and through external funding.

Lithium Sulfur

In a continuous effort to provide power sources solutions with increase energy density EaglePicher has been developing a Lithium sulfur battery technology. Lithium sulfur offers the opportunity of a safe, low cost rechargeable chemistry with an energy density much higher than any other existing rechargeable technologies.

Advantages of Lithium Sulfur

High specific energy density

  • High power density
  • Wide temperature range
  • Low cost
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Easy to manufacture
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