In addition to the research and development of new or improved battery designs, EPT also performs research into manufacture of materials. This includes the formulation of new battery materials from electrolytes, to cathodes and anodes, to insulators and pyrotechnics.


Aside from the development of new cathode mix formulations for thermal batteries, EPT is also investigating new manufacturing processes for different components that make up those formulations. This benefits the company through process control and greatly reduces cost of procurement of materials. With regard to pyrotechnics, EPT has developed multiple new formulations to serve as heat source for thermal batteries. These include green formulations and tailorable caloric-value powders to serve multiple design considerations.

In-house manufacture of cathode materials has seen the development of new battery technologies for EPT. This includes most especially the invention and development of the “End of Life” battery. This technology makes use of a new cathode chemistry to serve the medical device industry. When the battery nears the end of service life, it displays a different voltage than when in the operable lifetime. Measurement of the voltage thus allows a physician to know exactly when a battery needs replacement.

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