Energy Case Studies

ATK :: BESS Project

Backup Energy Storage & Peak Shaving Application

ATK was awarded DOE grant funding to build a peak shaving demo project. which would utilize a combination of wind and waste energy. The grant required the project be completed within an eight months.

ATK came to EaglePicher after the company they first contracted was not able to meet deadlines. The PowerPyramid provided a reliable solution.

EaglePicher met production and installation deadlines ahead of schedule, and ATK acquired the data necessary to meet grant guidelines.


Project Specs

  • 1.2HWh/300kW energy storage system
  • Promontory, UT
  • 300kW – 3 x 100kW grid-tied inverter
  • 1.2MWh – 600 x 180Ah 12V AGM lead-acid batteries
  • 2 x 40’ ISO shipping containers

EPT Demo :: Peak Shaving

ESS, EPT Joplin, MO

:: Energy Storage Capacity ::
2MWh/ 1 MW

:: Storage system ::
3 tier storage system: AGM lead acid, tubular gel lead acid, Lithium Ion

Tier 1: Li-Ion
100kW, 172kWh
Tier 2: Tubular lead-acid
200kW, 240kWh
Tier 3: AGM lead-acid
700kW, 1512kWh

:: Physical dimensions:
Physical layout
4 x 40’ ISO shipping containers
64’ x 65’ concrete pad

10 100kW bi-directional grid-tied

Carthage Water & Electric Plant :: Renewable Energy Storage System (RESS) Project

The Carthage Water & Electric Plant, in an effort to encourage customers to consider energy storage for residential and commercial use, asked EaglePicher to design a system which would demonstrate the potential for utility savings. EPT designed a system integrating renewable generation (solar and wind) as well as energy storage. This demonstrates how energy storages can offset utility costs by taking advantage of renewable sources and by being able to lower peak demands through the use of energy storage.

The demo system also provides technical insight and experience to CWEP on issues associated with grid-tied systems.
216 kWh / 100kW energy storage
Solar & Wind power

Project Specs

  • 100kW – Single inverter
  • 200kWh – Deep-cycle, long life flooded lead-acid batteries
  • 20kW roof-top PV solar array
  • 10kW wind energy

Arista CityLights Power on Demand Project

Arista Power, a New York-based company, was seeking a partner to execute the storage piece of their Power on Demand System into a residential highrise building in New York City. The system reduces utility cost through deployment of stored energy during peak usage times. Enter EaglePicher and the PowerPyramid™, which not only enables the Power on Demand system to participate in demand response incentive programs, but also provides emergency backup and helps smooth the transition between energy generation sources.

Backup Energy Storage System

Project Specs

  • 900 kWh/200 kW
  • POD system multi-story building
  • New York City

Erigo/US NORTHCOM BESS project

Erigo’s contract by DoD RIF for U.S. Northern Command U.S. DOE’s ESIF at NREL, Golden, CO.

Project Specs

  • 382kVAh/300kW

ARPA-E project : Current Research

The original ARPA-E effort, “Planar Na-Beta Batteries for Renewable Integration and Grid Applications,” successfully demonstrated the concept of using thin BASE (β’’-Al2O3 Solid State Electrolyte) for reduced cell impedance and increased discharge rates while operating at reduced temperatures. Battery models and market studies conducted for the project have shown that the new concept should meet multiple needs of the grid storage market.

This follow-on project leverages EaglePicher’s original research with new technology being developed by another ARPA-E awardee, Material Systems and Research Inc. (MSRI). The advanced design will demonstrate the new modular, scalable concept at the end of the eighteen-month project in 450 Watt-hour cells.