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Essential Power for Telecommunications Systems

Have you ever wondered why your phone continues to operate during power outages?  To ensure uninterrupted service, batteries throughout the communications network provide back-up power to keep you connected during power outages. All cellular, microwave, WiFi, and wireless towers include equipment enclosures at their bases that house communications and control.

Telecommunications systems distribute electronic equipment and the associated batteries to multiple smaller, regional facilities. In these regional distribution centers, floor space is typically at a premium, and energy density requirements are high.

Battery back-up is typically located in:

  • Remote cabinets
  • Tower base huts, shelters, or
    Controlled Environmental Cabinets (CECs)
  • Regional distribution centers
  • Central office locations

EaglePicher batteries mean
power you can count on!

In the extensive and often complicated telecommunications infrastructure, power reliability to the switches and  transmission equipment is critical. The EaglePicher Carefree® family of  batteries offers:

  • Exceptional performance
  • Hallmark ruggedness
  • Long-life
  • Reliability
  • Compact footprint design
  • High-energy density
  • Ease of installation

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Remote Installations

Possibly the most hostile environment for batteries is the remote, or "field cabinet" installation.   Extreme temperature variations, remote locations, and minimal maintenance put enormous demands on these batteries. Specially designed EaglePicher Carefree® batteries operate in extreme temperatures with a high energy density and a wide spectrum of chemistries and sizes.

Each of these locations has different battery requirements due to power needs, temperature variations, and space availability. EaglePicher offers customization for variety of configurations to address the unique floor space and racking requirements of your application. We have a network of distributors in the U.S. & Canada ready to serve you.

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