Power Tools

Powering the Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Power tools are a great convenience, and the advent of cordless tools has increased that convenience.  EaglePicher offers a full line of batteries to power your cordless and electronic tools, such as battery powered lawnmowers and weed-eaters.

EaglePicher’s multiple battery lines supply power to a wide variety of lawn and garden tools and an array of electric devices.  The EaglePicher Carefree® rechargeable batteries are well suited to the needs of most of these tools, providing long life and reliability along with cost effectiveness. We have a wide range of battery solutions to meet your needs.

EaglePicher is the world’s most diversified battery manufacturer!  

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Can’t find a battery to meet your needs? EaglePicher’s Custom Battery Packaging Group will design a pack for your specialty tools or new design. 

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